Acanthomatous Ameloblastoma

  • Leila Salera Global Medical Center of Laguna
  • Jay Hansel Tabije Saint Jude Hospital and Medical Center
Keywords: ameloblastoma, acanthomatous, odontogenic


A 22-year-old female noticed a 1.0 x 1.0 cm gingival mass of one-year duration. Two months prior to consult, a panoramic radiograph was performed, revealing a defined unicystic, mixed radiopaque and radiolucent lesion between the premolars on the right hemi-mandible, causing displacement on the roots of the premolar without signs of resorption and not associated with any unerupted tooth. Physical examination revealed a swelling at the right mandibular premolar area. Enucleation with peripheral ostectomy was performed and the mass was submitted for histopathologic examination. The patient was advised follow-up.

Author Biography

Leila Salera, Global Medical Center of Laguna
Department of Pathology - Pathologist


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