Editorial Process


  • The Editorial Coordinator shall review each submission to check if it has met aforementioned criteria and provide feedback to the author within 24 hours.
  • Once complete submission is acknowledged, the manuscript undergoes Editorial Board Deliberation to decide whether it shall be considered or not for publication in the journal. Within five (5) working days, authors shall be notified through e-mail that their manuscript either (a) has been sent to referees for peer-review or (b) has been declined without review. 
  • The PJP implements a strict double blind peer review policy.  For manuscripts that are reviewed, authors can expect a decision within ten (10) working days from editorial deliberation.  There may be instances when decisions can take longer: in such cases, the Editorial Coordinator shall inform the authors.  
  • The editorial decision for manuscripts shall be one of the following: (a) acceptance without further revision, (b) acceptance with minor revisions, (c) major manuscript revision and resubmission, or (d) non-acceptance.
  • Accepted manuscripts are subject to editorial modifications to bring them in conformity with the style of the journal. Copyediting and layout shall take five (5) working days, after which the manuscript is published online.
  • All online articles from the last six (6) months shall be collated and published in print as a full issue.