Dedifferentiated Chordoma in a 53-year-old Female: A Case Report

Criston Manasan, Jose Carnate, Jr.


Dedifferentiated Chordomas are rare variants of a malignant bone tumor arising from remnants of the embryonal notochord. Most cases are reported from chordomas that have recurred after surgical resection and/or radiation. Dedifferentiated Chordomas have an overall poorer prognosis compared with conventional chordomas due to their highly aggressive behavior and high metastatic potential. We report a case of a Dedifferentiated Chordoma from the sacrum in a 53-year-old female with no known prior surgery or radiation treatment. The associated clinical and radiologic features are discussed along with a review of the reported cases in the English literature. The diagnostic pitfalls and approach for Chordomas as well as the current and developing treatment modalities are also reviewed.


chordoma, dedifferentiated chordoma, bone tumor, bone malignancy

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