Wire-Free Virtual Breast Localization Using Liquid Carbon Nanoparticles

Ma. Theresa Buenaflor, Ricardo Victorio Quimbo, Norman Val San Agustin


The emergence of improved multi-modal diagnostics including functional imaging has enabled the diagnosis of more nonpalpable breast lesions. Lesions diagnosed as early unifocal breast cancers are amenable to breast-conserving surgery (BCS). The precise localization of these lesions is a caveat to its complete removal along with sufficient surgical margins and the preservation of normal breast tissues.

Carbon marking is an alternative to needle wire localization that is easy to perform and simplifies the workflow of the multidisciplinary team involved in breast cancer care.


liquid carbon nanoparticles, non-wire breast localization, carbon nanoparticles suspension injection (CNSI), molecular breast imaging (MBI)

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