Life, Death, Transitions




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I am sharing with you the first issue of the Philippine Journal of Pathology for 2021, our tenth issue since we breathed life into our society publication in 2016. We have two case reports of gynecologic tumors, and an autopsy case of a disseminated hematolymphoid malignancy. Four original articles include a molecular pathology study for lung cancer, a real-world observational study on pooled testing among asymptomatic individuals, a cost effectiveness study on diagnostics for leukemia in the Philippines, and a 5-year soft tissue tumor review. On top of these, we are featuring a new section – Opinion, and we have on board, Dr. Raymundo Lo, to regularly provide his take on issues relevant to our profession and practice. This issue also comes alive with the inclusion of the entries and winners of the PSP 69th Annual Convention Photomicroscopy Contest sponsored by Omnibus Biomedical Systems.


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Author Biography

Amado Tandoc III, Research Institute for Tropical Medicine

Medical Office V, Chief - Laboratory Research Division


1. Tandoc AO, Centeno RJ. National reference laboratory surge capacity response to a massive nationwide measles outbreak in 2013-2014. Philipp J Pathol. 2019;4(2):6-14. PJP/article/view/153.

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Tandoc III, A. (2021). Life, Death, Transitions. PJP, 6(1), 4–5.

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