Digital Pathology: An Innovative Approach to Medical Education


  • Leonisa Sagun Department of Pathology, Centro Escolar University-Manila School of Medicine Division of Laboratory Medicine, Philippine Heart Center,
  • Randell Arias Philippine Heart Center, Division of Laboratory Medicine


digital pathology, virtual microscopy, medical education, pathology education


Pathology, a basic science course in medical schools is a highly visual subject that requires examination of tissues using a microscope. With progressive technological advancements, the use of time-tested optical microscopes in teaching is seemingly slowly replaced by virtual microscopy that many medical schools in developed countries proved its numerous advantages. In our setting, digital pathology is not yet fully integrated in medical school. Although a few medical institutions in the country may have started this technology, there are still a lot to explore with virtual microscopy that will unlock its full potential of revolutionizing medical education in the future.


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Author Biography

Leonisa Sagun, Department of Pathology, Centro Escolar University-Manila School of Medicine Division of Laboratory Medicine, Philippine Heart Center,


Visiting Consultant


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