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To all our PJP readers,


Welcome to the June 2019 issue of the Philippine Journal of Pathology. My congratulations to the hardworking editorial team of PJP and to the supportive Board of Governors of the Philippine Society of Pathologists, Inc. for a job well done.

As we have encountered many challenges from the inception of our PJP to sustaining its publications, we are very thankful to all the support given by members of the PSP leading to its success. It was our dream to have our own journal where the scholarly works of our members can be published and shared with the other specialties both local and abroad. The researches of our members contribute to the advancement in the practice of pathology and on how we can improve our diagnostic acumen.

Let us look forward to many more issues and hope that you can join us as contributors. Goodluck to the Philippine Society of Pathologists, Inc. and the Philippine Journal of Pathology to its future endeavors.


Roberto D. Padua Jr., MD, FPSP, MHA

President, Philippine Society of Pathologists, Inc.





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